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The Three Palms construction and Maintenance Company is a leading company in the field of construction and maintenance in the Central Region, Western Region. The northern region, the eastern region, and contributes to advancing the urban movement and its development through the implementation of construction projects for various governmental and commercial sectors.

Where the company has implemented projects that serve both the military and housing fields, in light of its strategic plan, which aims to raise the level of service provision in the field of contracting, operation and maintenance. Achieving the objectives of that plan by providing qualified staff and modern technologies that have contributed to the achievement of the company's goals, which qualify it to enter the competition skillfully and plan to reach its desired vision.



The company seeks to implement high-level projects in the field of engineering, construction, governmental and civil construction, and private infrastructure in road works, operation and maintenance of government airports and their facilities, and supplying them with fuel, spare parts and consumables by relying on three values: human resources, innovation and passion for work, while promoting applications related to environmental protection and sustainable development of societies.



Investing all potentials for growth at all levels in order to become pioneers in the Middle East markets Providing excellence in construction, operation and maintenance to clients and achieving the highest level of value for shareholders, by adhering to best practices in terms of governance and transparency, in order to achieve the major renaissance in the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Quality and Safety Policy


•Continuous monitoring of business performance and measurement of performance indicators according to practical methods.
• Constant eagerness to carry out the work according to what is planned without any deviations in terms of quality or accuracy in the implementation of the work. Measuring customer satisfaction with the services provided to our customers and addressing their observations first hand.
•Work to provide the highest standards of safety, security and confidentiality.
•For all employees of the entities we work for, as well as for the employees of our organization.


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