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Three Palm Trees Group Co. Ltd is ready to fulfill your specific project’s needs.
We provide integrated services to our clients to achieve their complete satisfaction in terms of.
Honesty and Trust - Excellence - Punctuality - Quality.

Construction & Contracting

The company has long realized that the construction activity is the backbone of development in societies , especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , where its utmost importance comes from making it a top priority for which it has allocated the largest share of its budgets . Therefore , the company has implemented many residential , commercial and administrative projects , and it has proven - thanks to God - a great competency in the implementation of all construction works , which made it the subject of great attention and trust in the world of contracting, and thus made government ministries entrust it with many projects with confidence and reliability .

And thanks to this agility, the company was technically and professionally classified by the Contractors Classification Agency in the field of construction , operation and maintenance ( Grade 1 , in buildings ) 

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